Players either love grass or hate grass! Grass courts are much faster than clay and hard courts.  When the ball hits the court it stays low and generally skids. The bounce is also very unpredictable. Australia has produced some phenomenal grass court players over the years from Evonne Goolagong Cawley to Ken Rosewall, Lleyton Hewitt and Ash Barty.

Here are our Top 7 Tips for Playing on Real Grass:

1. Be aggressive and end the points quickly – the longer the point the more chance of a bad bounce.

2. Develop fast footwork, with small adjusting steps as you approach the ball, so you can adapt to bad bounces quickly.

3. Shorten your backswing so you can adapt to the unpredictable bounce.

4. Develop of good slice, which will stay even lower on grass (this is why Ash Barty was so good on grass!).

5. Serve volley or come into the net as quickly as possible to keep the ball off the ground.

6. A fast flat serve or a body serve can generate easy points.  

7. Identify soft parts of the court and aim drop shots and other shots there.

What are your top tips? 🎾💙